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Presentation Descriptions

Trudy Ludwig is an energetic, “hands-on” speaker who engages children and adults with entertaining and informative presentations. Her emphasis is on empowerment – giving school communities the tips, tools, and resources to help children cope with and thrive in their social world. (Click here to read what participants had to say about her presentations.)

  • Conference Keynotes / Workshops
  • In-service Staff Workshops
  • Parent Presentations
  • Elementary School Visits
  • Middle School Visits
  • Skype Presentations

For Children

Student presentations are broken down by grade levels to address bullying / friendship issues in an age-appropriate manner. A full day visit is comprised of no more than three student assemblies, each about 50 minutes in length. The school library / media resource center is a good location for smaller groups; the gym or cafeteria may be more suitable for larger groups. A student presentation includes:

  • author reading
  • engaging anti-bullying activities
  • role-play with younger kids using Trudy’s Empower Tools
  • interactive Keynote slide show with older kids

For Adults

An offering of several presentation topics geared specifically for parents, educators, and counseling professionals are available. Adult presentations are typically 1.5-2 hours long and can be shortened or lengthened upon request.

Adult presentations address:

  • relational aggression: prevalence, repercussions & latest research findings 
  • the nature of boys' & girls' friendships
  • cyberbullying
  • using children’s literature to help foster empathy & build SEL skills
  • recommended tools & resources to use in the classroom or at home – depending on the audience

Book Sales & Signings

Schools and organizations can purchase books from their local bookstores or from the respective publisher. You may choose to pass the discounts offered by bookstores and publishers on to your buyers or sell the books at retail price to supplement fund-raising or author visit programs. If you plan to place your order with the publisher, please do so at least three weeks prior to the author visit to ensure you receive the books on time for author signings.

For more information about the author's presentations and fees, please contact Trudy directly.