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Beth Adams Illustrations ©2010

Only When We Are Afraid
Can We Learn To Be Brave

Most kids love hide-and-seek, but Camila just wants to hide.
Hiding is what she does best when she worries,
and she worries a lot.

What if
I can’t
I’m scared!

But when an anxious classmate asks for help, Camila discovers that her heart is bigger than her fears.

From the creative author-illustrator team of The Invisible Boy, this wonderful tale of courage and compassion will embolden readers to face their own fears.


" A reassuring primer on coping with anxiety."–Kirkus Reviews

"A sweet and powerful gem of a book sure to help young worriers.” –Dawn Huebner, PhD, author of What to Do When You Worry Too Much

"Bravery isn't about being fearless. It's about being afraid and still doing it. In Brave Every Day, Camila does the bravest thing possible, which is to try her best." –Mike Curato, author-illustrator of Little Elliot series and Where's Bina Bear?