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Presentation Comments

Student Assemblies • Staff Workshops • Parent Presentations • Conferences

"All of our students were engaged in your presentation and walked away with tools that they can use at school and beyond. Teachers were equally thrilled with all of the information you schare. Thank you for encouraging kindness and addressing the issue of bullying so honestly."– M. Wolfe, Teacher, Hillel Day School, MI

"You brought so much knowledge and inspiration to our group. My Missouri Literacy Association co-host and I--with a combined 50 years in education--are so fired up about all of the ideas and books you shared with us." – Dr. S. Valter, Literacy Coordinator, Lindbergh Schools, MO 

“You are still the talk of the town around here! Posters about kindness and your tools are floating all around campus. Children are going home and sharing their learning with their grown-ups and having wonderful conversations in classrooms. We are so grateful to you for bringing your knowledge and expertise to our community.” –S. Simon, Assistant Director of Elementary, Wildwood School, CA

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share you with our staff and students. Your impact was felt and taken to heart and has already begun to change the language and climate in our building. Thank you for writing your way into the hearts and minds of our students, empowering them to find their resiliency.” –K. Sowa, Principal, North Albany Elementary, OR

“I found your information powerful, real, well researched and very well presented. You received many accolades from staff, students and parents alike. Thank you for coming to Calgary!” –L. Danis, Principal, Rundle College Primary, Calgary, CANADA

“We are still talking about how great you are over here!!! Each one of your presentations was a huge hit. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time, energies, and creative gift. It made an impact here for our kiddos.”—E. Anderson, Assistant Superintendent, Rocky River City School District, OH

“Thank you again for coming to our six Oceanside elementary schools this week, working with our students and parents…. The students’ responses were positive and their enthusiasm for participating in your program reflected your ability to take grounded research and translate them into strategies than can be accessed by students of all ages.” –R. Fenter, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Research, Oceanside Union Free School District, NY

“Thank you for leaving a lasting impression in the Oceanside community! We will keep working at spreading the message that ‘kindnes is cool!’’ –D. Provvido, Principal, North Oceanside Road School, NY

“Your three-hour presentation to the school district staff was by far the best in-service presentation I’ve been to in 22 years!” – C. Lupton-Turner, Educator, Jefferson County School District, OR

"My principal and assistant principal stopped by to tell me that they thought you were, by far, the best presenter we have ever had at William Tell Elementary. It seems like there's a whole new level of respect in this building since you were here. It's just amazing! Thank you so much!" - S. Wolfe, School Counselor, William Tell Elementary, IN

“Thank you for your wonderful presentations. Your vibrant, lively interaction allowed students to engage in the material and made it a fantastic experience for all. Thank you for a truly outstanding performance.” – The Staff and Students of West Gresham Grade School, OR

“Thank you for sharing so much of your wisdom in regards to bullying. You were really spot-on with the appropriateness of your grade group assemblies. Teachers are already implementing your Toolbelt and the Superhero Bystander phrases with class projects and within social situations. We have also heard very positive comments from parents.” –Margaret Burd, Teacher Librarian, St. Pius X School, OR

“Having Trudy Ludwig come to speak to our students and parents in separate sessions was one of the best investments our school has ever made. She recognizes the issues that children face and she addresses them in language they all understand. She also realizes the dilemmas parents and teachers face while walking the line between protecting children and equipping them with social/relational strategies they will need throughout their lives.” –M. Joanne Moore, Lower Division Director, Berkeley Preparatory School, FL

“I have had so much fun visiting classes this week and hearing from students how much they learned from YOU! You have made such a great difference in our school community. We are so grateful to you for your beautiful work for children!” –Laura Barbour, School Counselor, Stafford Primary School, OR

“I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have you in our school community! Your enthusiasm and energy during the student assemblies kept the students’ attention while giving great information! The staff presentations were excellent as well. Particularly beneficial was the fact that everything was research-based. Teachers and principals talk about how they are using your list of books as they prepare lessons and order books for the library.” –Mary Yoder Holsopple, Bullying Prevention Coordinator, Elkhart Community Schools, IN

“If what we are about as adults is to equip our children to make good choices, then having Trudy Ludwig visit and talk with school age children is a positive step in the right direction!” –Don Santilli, Principal, Beck Centennial Elementary, MI 

“Thank you for delivering such a great presentation to the students and parents at Seattle Country Day School. Your topic was timely and hit the mark, inspiring many discussions between students and teachers and students and parents. You are a tough act to follow for future presenters at our school!” –Lisa Graham, Parent Education Committee Member, Seattle Country Day School, WA

“Trudy Ludwig is exceptional–knowledgeable, entertaining and eloquent.” –Patrick Feeny, Parent

“Many, many thanks for your work at Findley. I have heard many positive comments from teachers and students. Our duty staff even commented about students talking on the playground about your presentation. That's the true measure of success . . . students taking time at recess to discuss something they learned!!!" –Doris Marks, Student Management Specialist, Findley Elementary, OR

“I learned a lot and I'll always keep it in my heart. Thanks for talking to our school and being so nice.” –Emma T., 2nd Grader

“Your visit with the children, parents and staff has had only positive repercussions; like a pebble dropped in water, it has set forth such powerful ripples!” –Michelle Zundel, Principal, OR

“I learned more today in your two-hour session about teaching children how to handle bullies than I did in all my undergrad and graduate courses combined.” –Kelly Darlington, Teacher, L'Anse Creuse Public Schools, MI

“Trudy's message on relational aggression was excellent! She has a special ability to connect with children and adults. My schools and community will benefit greatly from her presentations and I am excited to grow with them.” –Chad Ramminger, Principal of Zielanis Elementary School & Meeme LEADS Charter School, WI

“Our staff greatly appreciated the presentation to teachers and felt that it was time well spent. Even veteran teachers came away with new information. Several bullying conditions have now ceased as a result of the time you worked in the classroom talking with children and teachers and staff becoming more aware of the issues. I continue to get positive feedback from parents and most importantly, we have noticed a stronger connection between home and school communications about student behaviors. Thank you again for coming to Ashland.” –Susan Hollandsworth, Principal, Lincoln Elementary

“Trudy's presentation really hit home with my students. Her presentation was fast paced and engaging for all of our third graders.” –Mary Cay Robinson, 3rd Grade Teacher, McKinley Elementary, OR

“Your presentation was awesome! I hope you write another book!” –4th Grader, Rivergrove Elementary School, OR

“What I appreciated about your presentation was the compassion you communicated as a parent and the knowledge you shared as a professional. Teachers and parents have commented that your presentation was sensitive to the issues and addressed the importance of responding to the problem. You have helped in raising the concern about bullying in relationships and what we can do about it as a caring school community.” –Juanita Fagan, Principal, Bellview Elementary, OR

“Great presentation! You really spoke in a way that I could identify students who may have problems in my class.” –Susan Lavin, 2nd Grade Teacher, Rose City Park Elementary, OR

“WOW! Great presentation! The information given enlightened me as a parent and teacher.”  –Kathy Dier, Educator

“I think you're funny and awesome. Thanks for coming all the way from Oregon [to Wisconsin]!” –Carly R., 4th Grader, WI

“Thank you for coming to Ojai to help, heal, inform and equip our kids and school with the most important of all life's skills: good relationships!”–Jena Collins, Parent and Educator, CA

“Your presentations have given our school an instant boost of student-initiated problem solving. Many thanks!” –Dick Stokes, School Counselor, Rock Creek Elementary, OR

“Your engaging and enthusiastic presentations to our children were amazing! You managed to address all types of bully situations and meet the needs of children who sometimes wear the 'bully hat', those who are often victims, and the bystanders. It was a very powerful ….Thanks!” –Kelly Sullivan, School Counselor, Christ the King School, OR

“I loved your presentation. It was so much fun!” –5th Grader, Flickinger Elementary, MI

“Trudy Ludwig's presentation was not only engaging, but well researched and incredibly useful. Parents and school staff reported that it was the most helpful presentation that they had heard on the topic of relational aggression.” –Leslie Strobel, School Psychologist, Portland Public Schools, OR

“Your presentation was great! You do a nice job of giving balanced info-a good mix of concrete interventions and data regarding the issue.” –Kris Grupe, Elementary & Middle School Counselor, French American International School, OR