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Trouble Talk 

“This purposive tale about gossip has great potential as a discussion starter. Ludwig acknowledges the lure of connection and the pleasure of sharing information about others but also exposes the harm that words can do. …a surprisingly successful picture book.” –Kirkus Review

“Given the prevalence of these behaviors, young readers will readily identify with Maya’s dilemma and appreciate the straightforward text. This picture book would be well used by school counselors or social workers to interface with a child who’s exhibiting or harmed by “trouble talk.” – School Library Journal  

“While the message in Trouble Talk is clear to young children, the story is realistic and does not become didactic. …this picture book will prove to be a valuable resource for children, educators, and parents alike.” –ForeWord Review

“Trudy Ludwig, acclaimed author of My Secret Bully and Just Kidding, hits the mark again withTrouble Talk. Her picture books about coping in the social world are deeply rooted in real life for children today.” – Committee for Children

“The realistic scenarios presented in this powerful picture book will resonate with readers and help them explore unhealthy relationships. The foreword, author’s note, discussion questions, and additional resources provide a host of valuable information for parents and educators on issues related to “trouble talk.” –Cooperative Children’s Book Center

Trouble Talk is a must read for anyone with young children in their lives.” –Armchair Interviews

“In this time where bullying and trouble talking are being confronted head-on in many schools, this would be a nice addition, especially in school libraries.” –The Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California

“Trudy Ludwig gives educators and parents such wonderfully useful books. Trouble Talk is just her latest contribution to teaching children social justice in ways that they can relate to and take with them into their classrooms and neighborhoods.” –Rosalind Wiseman, best-selling author of Queen Bees & Wannabees 

“A solution-oriented story like Trouble Talk is the perfect tool to start a conversation. It's an opportunity for an authentic connection with our child's concerns and a chance to teach him or her about positive peer relationships. Words do hurt, which is why this book is of paramount importance!” – Mary A. Baird, President / CEO, The Ophelia Project

“Trudy Ludwig exercises empathy and humor, masterfully crafting a story any child can relate [to], but with a distinct outcome. The bully is not vilified and the victims aren't vengeful but clear boundary setters. We empathize with Big Mouth Bailey and want her to grow up to be just Bailey, an asset to our workplace, our families, and our communities.” - Annette Klinefelter, executive director, Girls Incorporated of NW Oregon, and author of Allies in Action: Building Healthy Relationships Between Girls

Trouble Talk is a perfect example of how tuned in Trudy Ludwig is to children and their social dynamics. She does a beautiful job helping young readers understand how to be better communicators and friends. No parent, teacher, counselor, or library should be without this jewel of a resource.” –Dr. Michele Borba, internationally renowned educator & author of Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me: The Top 25 Friendship Problems and How to Solve Them 

“What makes this children's book so special are the hidden truths and practical strategies embedded inside. A must read for children, parents, and educators.” – Dr. Charisse L. Nixon, co-author of Girl Wars: 12 Strategies That Will End Female Bullying

  • Mom’s Choice Gold Award Recipient: Developing Social Skills
  • NCSS-CBC Notable Social Studies Books for Young People
  • Cooperative Children’s Book Center “Best of the Year” Choices
  • Baltimore’s Child “The Year’s Best Children’s Books”